Adversarial Collective is a volunteer effort to pursue the truth where major controversy exist, through facilitating adversarial collaborations1.

Groups hold different opinions for a variety of reasons. Culture, history, and different backgrounds can lead people to very different beliefs. These disagreements aren’t easy to solve, but they divide and hurt us. With care and respect we can bridge some of these divides and better understand each other. We work to provide facilitation to find agreement and unearth future research direction.

Please check the links below if you’re interested in taking part in a collaboration, suggesting a topic for a collaboration, or volunteering to help keep the project running smoothly.

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1 An adversarial collaboration brings people who disagree together to review the research, discuss their different values and beliefs with an eye toward resolving as much as can be resolved. Together, they write a paper summarizing their agreement and remaining disagreement on the state of the topic.